A leading actor in the fastener business, Restagraf commercializes a wide range of fastening solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors worldwide.
Our offer covers all the needs for the repair or the replacement of body parts, conditioned according to the needs of each market (in bag, in blister, in box or in tray).

Our range also includes electrical components such as battery terminals, battery accessories, fuses, fuse holders, heat shrinkable terminals, insulated crimp terminals, shunts, solder tubular terminals, non-insulated crimp terminals, non-insulated crimp terminals, screw terminals, double piggyback terminals, special connectors housing terminals, connector housings, pre-wired kits, towbar connectors, cigarette lighters and adaptators, automotive electrical wires, tubings, adhesive tapes, relay, ignition switches..

To meet the needs of our customers, we sell selected fasteners kits needed for repair, Most specific fasteners or the replacement of a body part, Fasteners Kit.

Thus, more than 4500 references are available such as fasteners, rivets, plastic rivets, wires and bundles, plastic cables ties, rubber buffers, plug buttons, metal trim clips, edge clips, screws and bolt, radial retainers, clamps, exhaust accessories, air conditionning accessories, windshield accessories and drain plugs and seals.

To support our customers, we also offer products for the workshop environment such as tooling, accessories such as crimping nuts pliers, clips removal pliers, adhesive protections for vehicles.

Discover our Equipment Manufacturers and Industry activity

Our partnership with the world's leading manufacturers of fasteners enables us on a daily basis to support our automotive equipment suppliers and industrial customers in the supply, development, industrialization and marketing of standard or specific components such as weld nuts, weld screws, wires, weld spacers, inserts, metric screws, studs, spacers, soft material screws and micro screws, nuts, studs soft material screws, metric screws, wires/connecting rods, metric shouldered screws, axis/pins, washers and selft tapping screws.