How to find a technical sheet (assembly instructions) ?

Technical information and / or assembly instructions are usually attached to the product if necessary. In case you need more information, please consult our online catalog or send your request via info@restagraf.com.

Where can I find a reseller? Where can I buy your products ?

We have a distribution network throughout France, Corsica and overseas territories. Once the reference is identified on the site, click on "Find a reseller" so that we can offer resellers near you.

How to find a part from a manufacturer's reference ?

There is nothing simpler: just fill in your complete manufacturer reference, without spaces and punctuation, in the search bar on the home page and click "Search". Some OEM references may not be recognized by the site (input error, old reference replaced or abandoned). In this case, do not hesitate to make your request on  info@restagraf.com.

Do you sell to individuals ?

RESTAGRAF has for many years built a strong partnership with several networks of auto parts distribution stores. It is therefore not possible to be delivered directly as an individual but you can find a reseller near you by clicking Find a reseller.

Are your parts the same as the original part ?

The parts we sell follow the same specifications as the original manufacturer's parts, and we maintain a close partnership with the fastener production sites that manufacture for origin all over the world. Our parts are therefore perfectly equivalent and substitutable for original manufacturer parts.

Do you have resellers abroad ?

A very large part of Europe and several countries in the world have a non-exclusive redistribution agreement of the RESTAGRAF brand. Do not hesitate to contact us a info@restagraf.com if you wish to become a distributor of the brand, or if you are looking for a distributor in a foreign country.

I can not find the piece I'm looking for on the site and in your catalog, can you help me ?

RESTAGRAF has more than 50 years of expertise in the automotive fastener business. We put forward about 4500 references on our supports but our engineering allowed us to identify and source more than 10 000 different pieces. Do not hesitate to make your request on info@restagraf.com.

I can not find my vehicle in the selection you offer, can you help me ?

Because of our history and the nature of our distribution business, we have built up very large stocks of fasteners. This allows us to continue to provide parts sometimes abandoned at the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to make your request on info@restagraf.com to know the availability.

The part is no longer available at the manufacturer, can you provide it ?

De par notre histoire et la nature de notre métier de distribution, nous avons constitué des stocks très importants de pièces de fixation. Ceci nous permet de pouvoir continuer à fournir des pièces parfois abandonnées chez le constructeur. N’hésitez pas à faire votre demande sur info@restagraf.com pour connaitre la disponibilité.

I want to buy a piece in large quantities, is it possible ?

If your need is very important, we have the ability to offer you a bulk delivery format, regardless of the reference, making the economic approach more relevant. Feel free to submit your needs via info@restagraf.com.

Do you have vintage car parts ?

The demand is strong, we have fixing solutions for many old vehicles, and our engineering can study a specific request if needed. Do not hesitate to ask us on